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A pleasant, relaxed learning environment, hands-on practical sessions and one to one tuition.


This short beginners DSLR photography course is aimed at total beginners who own or want to own a DSLR camera and want to unpack some of its amazing potential. By ensuring that you understand what photography actually IS and how the digital SLR works as a tool in this context, you will gain an understanding and control of the DSLR system which no user manual or trial and error approach could ever hope to give you........

Great Photography Experience!


This 3 day course is aimed at photographers who are competent in using their DSLR cameras in manual mode. This programme concentrates on the Studio.

Discover how to control light and camera position, when to choose the correct technique and how to use creative flash.

You will learn the rules of composition and just as important, when to break them. In addition you will explore the effects of High Key and Low Key lighting and use it to produce your own imagery.


This 5 day course will suit the experienced amateur. These courses are individually tailored and as such are ideally suited to a small group of like minded photographers.

Please speak to us for more details.

No Camera? No Problem... use one our DSLR Nikons, all participants are welcome to borrow a Digital camera and lens for the course duration.

Refreshments and Lunches are provided on the courses please inform us of your dietary requirements when booking.